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Ayurvedic Treatment for HIV AIDS


Ayurveda is the holistic system of life that is a natural treatment for every physical and mental ailment in human beings. This oldest medical system actually tells how to live, what to eat and what to do. Thus, it's a way of living and its formula is knowing self properly, gaining science of life and then living accordingly.

Bhatia Ayurveda offers Treatment for AIDS in Ayurveda. Consult anytime for the complete treatment and get free consultation on phone call. A healthy life style is promised.

HIV can be related to Ksaya or Ojaksaya, the loss and consumption of vital energy with all three doshas vitiated. HIV is a tridoshic viral infection affecting the strength and ability of the immunit system to function. The count of CD4 cells is directly proportional to the health of a person because these cells are the most important part of one's immunity system. Anyone with less CD4 count is more prone to ailments as the body's defence mechanism starts deteriorating. On the other hand, viral load is inversely propotional to the health of a person. It indicates the presence of HIV virus in patient's body. The more it increases, the more an AIDS pateint's health falls. HIV Treatment in Ayurveda recommends various herbs and medications to decrease viral load and increase CD4 count, and so a balance in body.

HIV positive patients should get HIV viral load and CD4 test done time to time to keep check on its intensity in the body. Ayurveda for AIDS tries the treatment of symptoms, improvement in immunity and doshas, and cures at root level. Various therapies, diet, herbs and mental-physical exercises are recommended. This treatment should be continued till complete improvement. A customized and individualised treatment is given, and Ayurveda and AIDS-HIV ayurvedic treatment are studied extensively and intensively to discover the most suitable treatment for individuals.

HIV AIDS Treatment

Ayurveda Rasyana therapy has the ability to increase the cd4 count and it lowers the viral load. HIV virus has the ability to generate the copies of virus. Allopathic drugs attack on virus. On the other hand, Rasyana therapy increases the cd4 count. Thus, this alternative medication therapy can go side by side and an HIV AIDS patient can lead a successful life. When CD4 count goes below 350, HIV is confirmed. Hence, for treating HIV, CD4 count should be raised by Rasyana therapy. Other HIV AIDS Cure includes yogasana, aromatherapy, triphala, amalaki, ashwagandha, pancha karma. Yogasana can increase the immunity power and can develop potency to limit the damage that HIV virus can create. The practice of yoga appears to improve the immunity function by lowering the level of the stress hormone and boost the immunity by improving the circulation of lymph, a fluid rich in disease fighting white blood cells like lymphocytes. Bhatia Ayurveda offers homely Ayurvedic treatment with so many qualitative and effective herbs.