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Ayurveda consultation on epididymitis and orchitis


Bhatia Ayurveda takes the initiative to provide the holistic medication and herbal solutions for health care using the oldest and safest proven ayurveda. With the mission of connecting everyone with their roots of natural environmental heritage and treating with natural herbs, Bhatia Ayurveda is working towards taking ayurveda to every home. Ayurvedic medicines are provided for every ailment including Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment for Orchitis. After intensive research, quality ayurveda products, therapies and treatments are formulated for treatment of Epididymitis.

Orchitis is a testicle infection caused by the growth of bacteria or virus that causes testicle inflammation. Although it usually occurs in middle-aged men, younger males and children are not immune to this infection. Once the virus enters the body, one or both testicles swell gradually accompanied by extreme pain. It can also occur in the form of Epididymitis. Epididymitis is an inflammatory condition of the epididymis. Epididymis is a tube like structure attached at the back of testicles that transport sperm. There is Ayurvedic Cure for Epididymitis that is very effective in digging out the ailment from its roots.

Orchitis Causes and Symptoms:

Symptoms: It's symptoms include pain in groin, fever, body pain, swelling and redness of testicles, blood in semen, and pain during urination, sexual intercourse or ejaculation. Once infected, the groin area will become painful and there will also be pain on passing urine. One may find blood in urine. General illnes with headache and body ache will occur. Without proper medication, it will become increasingly difficult to walk and sit.

Causes: Orchitis is known to occur due to congenital abnormalities of the urinary tract or not having undergone immunization against mumps, recurring urinary tract infections, unsafe sexual relations, practicing unprotected sexual intercourse and having sexual intercourse with a partner affected. The bacteria that are known to result in infection of the testicles include staphylococcus, streptococcus and E coli. Epididymitis is likely to occur when the bacteria responsible for causing urinary infection enters the epididymis. Some of the less common causes of it include viral infections from other areas of the body. In such cases, the infection may reach the testes through blood. The risk is higher in individuals with weak immunity system.

Ayurveda Treatment for Testicle Infection:
» Leaves of solanum nigrum
» Roots of pongamia pinnata
» Triphala
» Sukumara eranda taila
» Gandharvahasthadi eranda taila
» The extract of coccinia leaf is believed to be an effective treatment for orchitis. It is known to have natural anti-bacterial properties and thus, helps in reducing infection.
» Ayurveda for Testicles Inflammation prescribes home remedies like application of cold compress to scrotal region to comfort yourself from pain, avoiding fibrous food and avoiding constipation, bed rest, wearing scrotum supporter, avoiding strenuous physical activities and sexual intercourse, avoiding alcohol and caffeinated drinks.
» Consult Ayurvedic doctor for the many more herbal medications that can be applied to cure inflammation, pain, and root cause of the disease.