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Ayurveda consultation on viral load


Safe and effective ayurvedic medication is provided for HIV AIDS patients to decrease their viral load. Viral Load means the number of HIV copies present in a millilitre sample of blood. It tells about the intensity of HIV in a patient's body. Consult ayurveda physician to improve viral load reports, treat symptoms, achieve physical and mental stability, boost immunity and increase cd4 count. Increasing viral load is one of the factors that indicates HIV and its intensity. In that case, ayurveda has herbal treatments to decrease viral load. Contact Bhatia Ayurveda to know more about Ayurveda and Viral Load and get free consultation on phone.

Regular viral load test while getting Ayurvedic Consultation on Viral Load Load keeps a check on AIDS and on the improvement of the patient for curing symptoms. The efficacy of ayurvedic drugs is proved by improvement of the life expectancy of HIV positive patients who yielded some positive reports after herbal treatment. The efficiency of ayurvedic drugs can be seen by its potency for viral load decrease.

Ayurvedic Treatments for Viral Load:

» In ayurveda, Rasyana therapy helps in increasing the immunity of the HIV positive patients by keeping viral load in control. By this, the patients can lead a successful life for many years. This is proved to be an additive therapy along with allopathic medicines to raise cd4 count and decrease viral load.a
» Ayurvedic interpretation says that no disease can harm you if agni is balanced, ojas is strong. Thus, Ayurveda gives its patients the framework to lead a harmonious life and build ojas. This is significant in preventing the infection from manifesting further as well as managing the side effects associated with the pharmaceuticals employed to treat HIV.
» Ayurvedic Herbs for Viral Load: Pancha Karma is the process of removing ama and excess doshas from the body and mind, and then rebuilding the internal strength and ojas, immunity. Some of the herbs are Amalaki, Ashwagandha, shilajit, triphala etc. that are used as rasayana for all doshas.
» Many therapies like aromatherapy have the ability for well-being and healing of the individual.
» During the first stage of ayurvedic treatment, the period of taking medicines, the medicines will work in the body and decrease the viral load to improve the functioning of the body. Herbal Medicines taken in the second stage will increase the immunity power in the body and sustain the overall health status in the body by keeping a tight check on viral load through regular tests.

The role of traditional and alternative medication, ayurveda, has become significant in today's fast-changing world where every other medicine has side-effects or low effects. Ayurveda is very natural and bound to our mother nature. Ayurveda has treatments that are available to HIV positive individuals, it has an ayurvedic framework to treat HIV patients. Increase in viral load is harmful and it gets out of control. If viral load is increasing, Ayurvedic Consultation for Increasing Viral Load is available to every person, anytime.